The Official Best of Awards, supported by the extensive network of Regional Media radio stations, is a comprehensive celebration of excellence in Illinois. This initiative allows residents in most Illinois communities to actively participate in recognizing the finest local businesses. Categories include a diverse range, such as the best place to buy a car and the top places to eat, among others.

Leveraging the massive reach of Regional Media’s radio stations, the program not only drives awareness but also encourages community engagement in celebrating the businesses and organizations that make their communities among the best in the country. This platform not only acknowledges well-known favorites but also brings to light the lesser-known gems that contribute significantly to the local culture and economy. It’s a testament to the power of local opinion in shaping the identity of their communities.

In the heart of our communities a dynamic array of businesses – from hidden gem shops and top-tier eateries to a diverse spread of service providers – are all set to compete for the coveted title of being the best in the region. This prestigious accolade, reserved for only a select few, will recognize excellence across multiple categories.

The quest to discover the finest in categories like dining, real estate, health, and more has officially begun. Who will earn the title of the most reliable mechanic, the gentlest dentist, or the best entertainment spot in the area? The competition is now open.

Starting January 24th, nominations can be submitted with the nomination phase closing on February 14th. This is a call to action for business owners, employees, customers, and supporters to participate and make their voices heard..

Voting kicks off on February 21st at noon. Participants can vote once per day in each category, with the voting period ending on March 6th. 

Winners will be announced in at least eleven categories, ranging from Activities and Entertainment to Vehicle Services. The announcement will be made online and in various online magazines, set to be published on April 10th. This online magazine will be available for the public and will be a tourist necessity serving as a definitive guide to the finest offerings in the region.

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