Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist with the growth of your business. We hope the enclosed information will answer any questions you may have about our stations, our policies, and about Radio and Media advertising in general. Please feel free to contact us at any time.  Office 815-264-2289 or

Business goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s appreciated. 

The unenlightened always see advertising as nothing more than an expense. And easily expendable when times get tough. But it’s only a matter of time until that catches up with you. Studies conducted during seven recessionary periods since 1923 prove companies that keep advertising levels up during difficult times emerge far ahead of their competitors in terms of sales and profits. A financial strategy that leaves out advertising will eventually blow up in your face.

Credit, Billing, and Collection Policy: Credit is normally extended to any licensed business in our trade area, that participates in our auto payment program. The amount of credit to be extended to an advertiser is determined by Regional Media’s business office. Depending on the amount of the initial order, new accounts without established credit may be asked to pay in advance.

Pre-payment is required for any of the following: Bars/nightclubs, one-time entertainment events, going-out-of-business sales, businesses with no permanent physical location, and transient businesses. Regional Media reserves the right to require pre-payment from any advertiser with an unknown or questionable credit history.

Billing and Collection: All clients are billed on a calendar month, broadcast month, or end of schedule billing. All billing is sent via electronic invoicing to a designated email box. Paper billing is available at an extra cost. All orders will be immediately suspended, and short rated when an advertiser has a past due balance of 60 days or older. In addition, the account will automatically be turned over to our attorney for collection. The amount due will include collection fees, attorney’s fees, and court costs, when applicable. The station reserves the right to require pre-payment in full for any new orders.

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