Part-Time employee eligibility may vary.
All loans are provided at 0%, payable in (6) equal payments. All loans must be paid in full within 3 months of funding. At no time, may any team member have more than (2) outstanding loans. Some restrictions apply. Not all loans are automatically approved and subject to approval.
Please select what you intend on using the funds requested from the Regional Media Employee Hardship Loan Fund for. Please use the box below to explain your request in further detail.
By way of signature, I request an advance payment of the amount selected above. I understand that I am eligible for no more than two withdraws from the fund per calendar year and that the amount requested may be altered or denied. I authorize Regional Media and its subsidiary’s to make deductions from my paycheck to repay this advance in (6) equal installments. I also agree that if employment is terminated by either party prior to total repayment of this advance, I authorize the Regional Media and its subsidiary’s to deduct any unpaid advance amount from my final paycheck(s).