Best of Initiative – Celebrating Excellence Across Many Counties!

The initiative is an exciting opportunity for businesses across numerous counties in Illinois to showcase their excellence and compete for the prestigious title of ‘Best of’. This initiative is designed to highlight the best in various categories, from cozy local shops and top-tier restaurants to a wide range of service providers.

Nominations and Participation:

– The nomination phase begins on January 24th.

– Nominations close on February 14th, making it crucial for business owners, employees, customers, and community members to get involved early.

– This is an opportunity for the community to recognize and support local businesses, acknowledging their resilience, innovation, and dedication to serving their customers.

Voting Process:

– Voting starts on February 21st at noon, offering everyone a chance to vote once per day in each category.

– The voting period concludes on March 6th, so ensure your voice is heard by participating actively in the voting process.

Announcement of Winners:

– Winners will be announced in at least eleven diverse categories, including Activities and Entertainment, Vehicle Services, and more.

– The results will be published online and featured in the winners online Magazine’ on April 10th. This magazine will serve as a definitive guide to the finest offerings in the region, making it a valuable resource for locals and tourists alike.

The initiative, supported by Regional Media’s extensive network, including popular radio stations and Regional Media News, coupled with a strong social media presence, stands as the most significant event of its kind in Illinois. It’s a platform for local businesses to gain widespread recognition and connect with their community.

For those interested in further promoting their business, sponsorship opportunities are available. For more details, visit, call 815-264-2289, or email

Stay connected with the initiative on Facebook, Instagram, and the official website for updates and more information.

Celebrate local businesses and be part of this extraordinary journey of acknowledging and honoring the best in your Illinois community!”