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Calab Franklin, a seasoned multimedia specialist and proud alumnus of Wethersfield High, grew up in the vibrant community of Kewanee, known as the “Hog Capitol of the World.” Fueled by a profound love for photography and videography, he has excelled as a content creator, showcasing expertise in communication strategy, marketing, and the Adobe Suite.

Formerly stationed at Defense Media Activity in Fort Meade, MD, Calab served as a multimedia specialist for the U.S. Army, contributing his skills to produce compelling global content. Navigating the intricate landscape of military communications, he combined precision and creativity to convey impactful messages. Calab’s journey extended beyond the United States, with missions taking him to various states, as well as Poland, Belgium, and Germany, enriching his professional experiences and cultivating a global perspective in his creative endeavors.

Calab’s diverse experiences, from his roots in Kewanee to his international missions with the U.S. Army, have shaped him into a versatile professional. Having recently served as a Mass Communications Specialist, Calab’s transition to the role of Sales Leader for the Tri-Counties area at Regional Media in Kewanee, IL, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to growth and excellence. Armed with a wealth of experience, a passion for storytelling, and a collaborative spirit, Calab is poised to bring a unique perspective to his new position. As he embarks on this exciting chapter, he carries with him the belief that genuine enthusiasm, technical acumen, and a collaborative mindset will continue to be driving forces, transforming challenges into opportunities for both personal and organizational success.

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