Fletcher M. Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Our Team

Audra Ford

Business Manager

Ronna Johnson

Vice President of Sales

Quad Cities, IL/IA

Calab Franklin

Vice President of Sales


Jason Gilbraith

Vice President of Sales

Sauk Valley

Kim Stevenson

Corporate Assistant & Billing Support Specialist

Dave Levora

Rock Formats Director | Morning Show Co-Host, Planet 93.9 KQCJ

Darren Pitra

Morning Show Co-Host, Planet 93.9 KQCJ | Part-time Sales

Cammeron Ford

Sales Representative – Engineering/I.T.

Tom Katz

Sauk Valley News Director

Jon Sparks

Western Illinois News Director

Jennifer Russell

News Contributor

Sean Kernan

Tri-Counties News Director